Thursday, January 16, 2014

Project Run and Play January 2014 - Winter Wonderland

Have you heard of Project Run and Play yet? If not you have to check them, amazing right? I have been following them for a long time and every time I say I am going to sew along. Well this is the year it wasn't just something I said!!!

I present to you Lainey's Snowy Sequins Winter Wonderland Outfit

I had seen an outfit similar to this in Chasing Fireflies last fall, and instantly thought Lainey needed an outfit like that. I drafted all of the patterns myself and lined everything in a royal blue and green flannel.

What girl doesn't need a fur bomber hat with sequins?! And of course a flannel lined fur muff to go with it?!

I lined her sequined flat front shorts with white flannel.

She loves it!

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!!



  1. This is such a great winter wonderland look. Great Job!!
    with love,

  2. So cute! You did such a great job drafting all of the patterns!